tisdag, april 20, 2010

Let us do the first post

Hey guys. Oh dear, first blog entry! My name is Magdalena Julia, but please call me Maggy or Magan. I'm 14 years old and come from a little town in Austria. The name "Maggys Mess" comes from my mum. She always says my room is a mess and once she came in and told me: "That's a typical Maggy mess".

I find joy in the simply things of life. Sometimes I like my hair messy. I wear almost always nail polish. I thank god for the existence of clothes 'cause I really love it to design some or mix different styles and create new looks. My inspiration comes from the nature, my dreams and of course my friends, my family and many other people.

Nothing compares to a picknick on a sunny day at a wonderful place after a shopping trip in the best vintage stores.

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