torsdag, april 29, 2010

Oh my ..!

I'm so excited!
On 14th November my best friend (Cookie) and I were on a Green Day concert in Vienna/ Austria. [Since Cookie was a little child she's a avid fan of Green Day.] After the awesome concert Cookie became friends with the girl who makes the "Green Day Fan Magazin" in California. And this girl took a photo of me and cookie and printed it in the Green Day Fan Magazine!
Amazing girl, isn't she? Especially Cookie is endlessly delighted.

The Article:
"Cookie Bellamy and her best friend Maggi went to the Green Day concert in Vienna Austria. She and Maggi were determined to "get some sweat of Billie Joe [Armstrong]". They didn't get the pit instead their seats were under the bis screen. So excited were they, that when the opening band started, she and Maggi thought it was Green Day and started screaming for Billie Joe to no avail. It was no surprise that everyone turned to look at who could possibly be yelling out for Billie Joe Armstrong when he was nowhere to be found. When Green Day finally hit the stage, she and Maggi partied with the boys sitting beside them and had an "awesome night!"

(I'm embarrassed..
You can read the story in the Mag or on Niki Lees facebook profile)

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