onsdag, juli 28, 2010

Do vegetarians eat animal crackers?

Yesterday I had a great day with my best friend(Kerstin). I was really 'hilarious' , so I photographed truly everything.

So well, this is a bag which was bought buy Kerstin when she visited Italy. I looove the Heineken logo.

Tea. I think we drank 3liter apple tee.

The beatles of course. My friend's dad bought the book in the 70's, I think.

I like the many different colours.

Ahh the red and yellow lollipop. In the 2nd school grade my class made a play and she had to be a little girl with a lolli.

We just relaxed:

watched Shopaholic..
..and ate 500ld popcorn

The next morning we wanted to make a healthy breakfast. We both love fruit salad so..

And guess what we drank

Yes, tea.

Before I went home I had an incredible fight with Kerstin. At the end I packed my bag and walked home. Now I don't know what to do. I mean we "were" best friends but what she did wasn't okay. I'm really really really dissapointed by her.
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  1. lovely blog and nice photos :)