måndag, juli 05, 2010

(OMFG I lost my camera. I lost my camera. Gosh what should I do now? oh my godness. I'm totally fucked up without my camera!! HOLY! I-l.o.s.t-my-CAMERA! Ok, I really really really really really really hope that I'll find my camera soon. As long as I don't find my camera I'll take all pictures with my mobile phone. wow 3 megapixel.. great. Oh,by the way, did I mentioned that I lost my camera?)

Yesterday I asked my mum for some "cards" because I wanted to make a dress which is completely made with cards. She gave me some "jolly cards" from her grandma. I don't know why but I'm pretty thrilled with the cards 'caus they have that "old vintage touch". Took a photo.

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