söndag, september 05, 2010

For me today happened one of the worst things that ever could happen..

I'm absolutely.. I'm just shocked. I visited the big fleamarket in my hometown (the fleamarket is just once a year ). When I went to the clothes, there stood a woman (circa 45-50years old). I just passed by her and suddenly she pulled my hair and screamed: "FUC*ING BLACK gypsy! LOOK AT HER! HAHA!" I mean I was just like: "Oh my god what happened?" To be honest I felt like crying.. I'm not even ""black"" (but my grandma comes from brasil) and even if I WOULD BE: NOBODY SHOULD SAY THIS TO ANYONE!

How can be a person be that ignorant? don't know.. just still shocked

5 kommentarer:

  1. wow! don't listen to people like that. she must have been totally crazy!


  2. That's gross. I feel so sorry fro you.

    Nice blog btw. Hugs from Denmark

  3. That woman is fu*king crazy! maybe i´m exaggerating, but i think you shold have called the police and make a report against her. did you? oh my god..what a stupid woman!!! so sorry for you.

  4. Thank you all so much for the nice words. ♥

    @chloé Og no I don't think that you exaggerated! -I think that's a pretty cool idea..it's a shame that I didn't do that. :>