fredag, september 17, 2010

Tell Something

Aah Guys I'm sorry for posting nothing since one hundret years!
The school already began (Sept. 6th) and I'm very busy 'caus next week I've two tests (great.. After two weeks). I'm in a new class, have new teachers and bla blaaah. (I've to repeat the 8th grade ._.) My new classmates,eehm, well the first week I was like "Oh my god. one year? NEVER! I mean I'm 1-2 years older than my new classmtes!" But now I became friends with a lot of them and I feel really comfortable in my new class.. so yes.. :)

Ok, guys I'm so so so so so so so so so so so so so so,.. sjdhfjks excited! I bought 723895473 new things. Shoes, dresses, pants, skirts,.. I'll take pictures of my new purchases and will upload them soon. :)
peace. love. guys

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