söndag, juni 13, 2010


heyaa :)

Well, yesterday Cookie (a friend) and I had no plan what to do. So we drove to Vienna and started a trip to some buildings. First we went to the Stephansdom. That's a really big building which had been destroyed in 1945 (2nd world war). Now it's almost newly constracted. I think we stood half and hour in front of it and took hundred of photos. It's fascinating that a church can be that big.
But however. Enough ""information"". After we had seen a few buildings we started shopping or rather we wanted to start shopping. We only found shops with very expensive clothes like Tiffany, Dolce Gabbana, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Thomas Sabo, .. Yes, we were not able to buy anything. I think it would be better If I take some more money with me next time.

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