söndag, februari 13, 2011

Consuming excessive amounts of coffe

My mood today is reeeally bad. I don't know why but probably 'caus I had a big conflict with my mother about my Blackberry. I lost it two weeks ago and I asked her about a new one and it would be great If she and I could pay fifty-fifty but she was just like 'If you need a new phone 'caus you aren't able to watch out for your phones, you've to buy the new one by yourself'. I explained her that I understand her opinion but yes.. The conflict started in the morning and lasted more than an eternity. And what came out at the end? Nothing! I'm still extremely pissed but yes, it fucking is like it is. Buuut I've also two good news. My sister and my best friend gave me 2 great CDs last week (Nirvana and Michael Jackson). Absolutely love them! And I bought a magazine ('MAXIM') which shows some pretty cool street styles. Gonna show you all these things

4 kommentarer:

  1. i love your blog

    more outfitpics :) bcause they are great

  2. and it sucks about your bb! ive got one too, cant imagine i lost it,

    my mum would say the same:/ bwuh

    nice magazine btw :) xx

  3. Cute blog. Sucks about your phone. I hate losing them so annoying. X

  4. thank you hny! ya, that really sickens me!