söndag, februari 13, 2011


I changed the blog header, the blog name and the navbar is white now. If you think the old header and the old blog name looked better pls tell me! Tell me also, if you think the new stuff looks too much like ""I'm-a-good-and-pretty-girl-i'm-as-good-as-gold-i-like-fashion-and-ulala-be-my-new-sweet-friend-flower-and-smile"" fuck. 'Caus I definitely don't want my blog to look like one of these lame "I'm a pretty fashion girl" blogs. (I think you know what I mean? do you?) So yes, just let me know if my blog look shitty now (or shittier than before haha). No seriously, tell me! :)

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haha. stoned i guess?

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  1. the first pic is super niceee

  2. Hey :)
    love your blog, and love your photos, following!

    feel free to check out mine.
    Fashion students life with problems and solutions thrown in :)

    follow me

  3. thank you so so much! glad you like my blog xxx