lördag, mars 05, 2011

Embrace messy hair

Holy crap! No posts, no photos since 100 years. I'm really really sorry about that but I am really busy with school right now. I had 3 exams this week and I've 2 exams and 1 test next week. But I'll try to post some more stuff regardless.
Well, todayyy a teacher of my school told me something like: "say NO to homosexuality!" 'caus I wrote a short text about two girls who had fallen in love with each other. (I'm so sorry Mrs. teacher mam but I simply thought we're in the 21st century and I would be allowed too write what I want and people would be allowed to love whoever they want?) So ya, what did I wanted to say about this piece of shit called "teacher" who is against 'gays', 'lesbians' and bisexual people? Oh I remember: Fuck you, you fucking narrow minded bitch and eat this:

gay kiss Pictures, Images and Photos
How can ANYONE be against this?

And now, 'cause I don't have much time, just some stuff I really like and found at the web:

John Huges movies


quotes & sayings




this place is prison and these people aren't your friends


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  1. beautiful pics !
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